Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is a sickening display of ignorance and assumptions.

Taken from the Ottawa Citizen:

Aslam and a friend signed up for the rally in London Sunday with the help of her friend's father, who is a Conservative.

About 30 minutes after she arrived, she and her friend were approached by two officials and were asked to go outside the door, she told Postmedia News.

One of the men was dressed in a "nice" sweater and carried a clipboard, the other wore a dark suit with a red lapel pin. The man in the suit was also wearing a radio earpiece and a wire in his sleeve, according to Aslam.

Once there, she said the man with the clipboard disappeared and the official wearing the suit ripped off the Conservative stickers that had been previously given to them "and ripped them into pieces."

"He said, "You are no longer welcome here,'" she said. Aslam and her friend were upset and wondered what had gone wrong.

"He said, "We know you have ties to the Liberal party through Facebook.'"

Taken from

Awish Aslam, a second-year political science student at the University of Western Ontario, told CBC News that she and a friend were trying to attend a rally with Harper on Sunday in London when they were asked to leave by an RCMP officer.

She said the officer told her that she was being removed because of her ties to the Liberals on Facebook. She had a photo of herself and Ignatieff, which was taken at a Liberal event a few days earlier.

The Conservative leader didn't answer whether his party was screening people who are registered to attend party functions.

"I think it is better when you are turning people away than when you can't get people to come," Harper said. "But I don't want to comment on individual cases."

Just because this student had her photo taken with Ignatieff, doesn't mean that she will cause trouble and be disruptive at a Conservative rally. She was only trying to get a better idea on each party's platform so that she could make a well-informed choice.

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