Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ocotober Haunting - Rookwood Cemetery

Victorian Rookwood necropolis in Sydney, but it is the grave of the notorious Davenport Brothers, famous spiritualists. Rookwood Cemetery (officially named The Necropolis and named when it opened as The Necropolis, Haslams Creek.) is the largest multicultural necropolis in the Southern Hemisphere, close to Lidcombe Station in Sydney, Australia. It is also thought to be home to one of the lost or hidden gates to hell.

Located in this huge cemetery is also one of the many Devil's chairs. a supposed seat where the Devil is said to appear sitting on when someone wishes to make a deal with him. the actual cemetery is said to have several Devil Chairs and one special wishing bench.

The wishing bench of Rookwood is said to be very special and if you sit and pray on it your prayers will be heard in heaven and answered immediately. There is also an old tale that tells that between midnight to 3am An angel appears and sits on it. They say this is to ward off and guard it against the devils from hell that would come to destroy it.

The name Rookwood came some 20 years after the establishment of the actual great necropolis, it was a means to differentiate the local village of Haslams Creek from the association of the burial ground, the village changed its name to Rookwood, and naturally the cemetery was soon known as Rookwood, the village changed its name again in the early 20th Century to "Lidcombe" (a combination of two Mayors names, Lidbury and Larcombe - Larcombe was also a Monumental Stone Mason). The actual haunted cemetery retained the name Rookwood.

Approximately one million people have their final resting place within the boundaries of its almost 3 km². The "Friends of Rookwood Inc" raise public awareness of the cultural and historical value of the cemetery and also the need to ensure its preservation.

Some older sections of Rookwood are overgrown with a riot of plants, early horticultural plants, some now large trees or groves, as well as an interesting array of remnant indigenous flora. This results in quite an eclectic mix of flora to be found within the necropolis. Many say that since so many are interred here it can't just help being one of the most haunted places where the dead are buried.

Many ghost photos, EVP's and actual documenting of what many call the most real encounters of actual paranormal activity in the world occur here daily. Many say that the ghost are more restless here in this down under haunted city of the dead then any other location documented.

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