Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Haunting - The Haunting of Changi Series: The Mortuary

The mortuary is the white building on the right.
Most people who went to OCH would have asked: where is mortuary? Although they looked up and down, level by level and corner by corner in the OCH compound, they would never find it. The mortuary is not located in the main buildings but in a small timber house at the most west side of the OCH territory. There is a small road that connects to it from behind the hill. Most people wouldn't notice about it. And that is the idea. Just like we don't prominently see vehicles that deliver corpses running around the roads. With the kind permission of the security guard and our privileges from NHB, we were allowed to walk near the mortuary to take a picture. "There is nothing special there, my friends. All the fridges are now empty ones", the security guard exclaimed.

"The compound was or rather is really haunted. The spirits are especially active on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” according to the security guard with a definite voice tone. "Usually we can only see them with their back facing us, they seldom show their front," he added. Door slamming, lady screaming in the middle of the night is already the norm for him.

On one particular incident at around 1:45 AM, a strong gust of wind blew suddenly when he was reading the paper, making his hair stand on ends. As he raised his head to take a peek at the surrounding, he saw two ladies, a Malay and the other Chinese, standing just 1 meter beside him. When asked about how he feels about his job as a night guard, he said that it was scary in the beginning but he is used to it now. Up to now, the mortuary was still well maintained. It allows accommodation up to a maximum of four corpses.

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